December 17, 2011

"We will try to thwart any Palestinian Israeli meeting"

So says Abdel Kader, a former PA minister for Jerusalem affairs, concerning the Fatah leadership, as reported by Khaled Abu Toameh in the Jerusalem Post.

For those who steadfastly claim or entertain the notion that Israel is the sole reason there are no peace talks, please read on.

Earlier in December, I wrote, The mentality of Arab states illustrated. Here is another example, courtesy of the Abbas and the PA, of how they can be their own worst enemies, with a gesture that reveals intentions and objectives. This is the type of stuff that anti-Israeli crusaders are invariably deaf and blind to, amid the noise and clamor they make that Israel prevents any progress on peace and Palestinians have no responsibility, no matter what actions they take.

According to Toameh, in a parallel piece at Hudson New York, the PA prevented a group called Israeli Palestinian Confederation to hold a conference last week in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. A vote was expected for a joint parliament to offer itself as a "third government" for the two peoples.
The protesters shouted slogans denouncing the event "because it promotes the culture of peace" and is designed to "normalize" relations between Israelis and Palestinians.
Al Quds University President Sari Nusseibeh, was to be a main speaker, but did not come out of fear for his safety.
The Palestinian protesters later stormed the conference hall, forcing the frightened Israeli representatives to leave the hotel.
The next day, an event with Israeli and Palestinian peace activists was similarly canceled.

Now we learn that the PA has adopted a policy that bans "any form of normalization with Israel."
"We will try to thwart any Palestinian Israeli meeting, even if it's held in Tel Aviv or west Jerusalem," Abdel Kader said. "In Fatah we have official decided to ban such gatherings."
Thus, officials in Ramallah do not want to see Israeli and Palestinian representatives working together to promote peace and coexistence. Such negative action radicalizes the situation and undermines moderate Arabs who believe that resistance and nonrecognition is not the answer to help the Palestinian people.

Toameh believes the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank is shooting itself in the foot. So do I!  Is it fair prudent to report on these matters concerning PA leadership, or does it mean one is bigoted against all Palestinians and Muslims?

Is the behavior by Palestinian leadership relevant to the question of whether or not they mislead those persons who accept that only Israel is not committed to the peace process? Just how many may be duped if there is deception? Is it improper to be curious if there is deception in other areas?

Indeed, how can one terminate ANY form of normalization, which by definition includes negotiations and obligations under existing agreements, and reasonably claim to aspire to peace? Anyone who believes that could be led to believe anything!


  1. Protestors disrupted a meeting to form a joint parliament? So even the One State outcome is not extreme enough for these people anymore.

  2. Unless the one state is under the control of the Palestinians. Why would any Jew or Christian or woman have any concern. Arabs have such a fine record of treating minorities with tolerance and respect.

    As for Jews, this video conforms what you said (with a tip to CiF Watch):