December 4, 2011

A picture tells a thousand words

Yep, recommended by Virgin is Mein Kampf, in this tweet from Qatar, and it seems Bahrain, too. Where else I wonder?

Yet anti-Israel "humanists" prefer to be blind and deny that Jews are victimized and subjected to calls for genocide as no one else on the planet.

(Hat tip to Elder of Ziyon, who continually earns the accolade of "Elder.")


  1. In my reading the POS tome is wildly popular in most Arab countries. A google search quickly verifies this.

    Interesting too is how the book is dealt with in other countries. The following link may surprise you.

    India: It is considered
    to be a 'bible of nationalism' and has been a best-seller....." Read it all to see how it is dealt with in other countries.

  2. Holy crap!

    Mein Kampf, eh?

    Translated into Arabic as "My Jihad."

    The Arab Middle East is just crawling with the most hair-raising type of genocidal anti-Semitism imaginable, yet if we so much as refer to that genocidal anti-Semitism it makes the "racists."

    Wow. Just wow.

  3. I agree there is not much to expect from those who are afraid to point this out.

  4. This, more so than settlements, RoR, etc is what prevents peace. Yet so few are willing to say it.

  5. Yes, hard to make peace with people who want you exterminated from the face of the earth.

    I would ask the fearful you mention for solutions to this fact of life.

    I think experience shows that being nice is seen as weakness and only serves to reinforce the bad behavior.