December 1, 2011


This will be short and sweet.

Some allege it Islamphobic to show the world clips like this:

Some allege it is Islamphobic to offer news articles like this:

Thousands of Muslims Attack Christians in Egypt, 2 Killed, Homes and Stores Torched

What is the explanation? Why are these events off limits? Why can the matter not even be part of the discourse? What are we talking about anyway?


  1. Yes, it's quite a con game, isn't it?

    The most blood-curdling genocidal anti-Jewish racism is given a free pass by "progressives," yet if we say, "Gee, look at what this Imam is saying about the Jews" it makes us "Islamophobic."

    The only explanation is that the left is in the bag for the Radical Jihad, although they would never directly admit that... and probably do not really realize it themselves.

  2. They are not in the bag, to my mind, except for the extremists. Most of the rest are ignorant as to what they contribute to. Or that all of them are targets, which they may discover too late.

  3. Well, as I say, they may not intentionally be "in the bag" for the Jihad, but they certainly aren't opposed to it and often run cover for it.

  4. I think the ones I mentioned are actually opposed to it, in theory, but are inundated by the one sided clamor of the activists, such that they are not very well informed or cognizant of reality. Or that they provide legitimacy to those who engage in the abuse of international human rights norms based on universal principles of natural law.

    Not everything has to make sense, and this disconnect certainly does not. That's why I attribute much to ignorance rather than malice. Again, it is a different story for the hard core.