December 16, 2011

8 Minutes of Parallel Universe, Egyptian Style

Just saw this video. It's good for a laugh and a cry. This is what a guy running for President of Egypt says? I guess he can say what he likes, especially when he owns the TV station.

You can find a transcript of the earlier interview here. The statements aired on Al-Faraeen TV on October 31, 2011, the station owned by the subject, Tawfiq Okasha. The Wiesenthal Center provides further background.

Michael Coren is a commentator on Canadian TV, Sun News, which is far from the largest in Canada, let alone the USA. The channel takes the perspective, among other things, that candidate Tawfiq Okasha and those like him are bigots, not because of what we say, but what they say.

I see segments from Sun News, just as I see them from elsewhere. I get information all over the web, not so stuck to a political consciousness that forbids anything except the "party line." Lest it show a weakness of position, that the emperor has no clothes! I am secure enough in my beliefs not to be afraid to of different opinions and sides, rather than try to quell what I do not wish to hear. I feel confident that when allowed to breathe in the light of day, truth wins out.

People try to discredit MEMRI for showing actors like Tawfiq Okasha, but is it made up? Why should something be taboo if it fairly purports to show the point being presented? Why is so hard to hear and understand what people unequivocally express as their belief and intention?

Is it Islamophobic to present such evidence of antisemitic bigotry? Why are we so timid that we tip toe around reality? Look at the fear most people have to take on something that is wrong. No one need apologize for exposing hate speech like we hear from Tawfiq Okasha. and make it so?

One can see that this sick man could care about the human rights of others. He is not alone among the haters of Jews. Just watch MEMRI sometime, or have the courage to travel where this behavior is exposed. It may open your eyes. As for this hate and bigotry, other minorities, like Copts and women, are likely not far behind on the list.

Oh well. If you watch it the video, I'd be interested to know your impression.

(tip to Blazing Cat Fur)

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