December 4, 2011

The mentality of Arab states illustrated

As is circulating in the blogosphere, on Friday, according to Ynet, 133 states voted at the UN General Assembly in favor of an Israeli proposal to make farming technology more accessible to developing African nations.

The article says that around 75% of the world population lives in poverty and depends on agriculture for survival. Israel's proposal aims to empower women in rural areas, promote food security and farmer education, and slow down the effects of climate change, all in line with UN policy to eradicate hunger and poverty.

No matter. Arab states led a group of 35 that abstained from the vote, but not before expressing objection and claiming the proposal was to exploit the developing world's needs for political gains and mask "illegal and destructive" Israeli policies.

Israeli Ambassador Prosor thanked the General Assembly and noted that the support indicates international recognition of Israel's contribution to the world, particularly in the technology field. He noted that Israel acts to promote progress and technology, while  opposing nations make efforts to preserve "rhetoric and ignorance."

This episode goes to show how the Arab states, in the international arena and elsewhere, again and again put politics before people. For them it's more important to quash the Jewish state than hunger and poverty.  Yet, again and again, anti-Israel activists who proclaim to wear the largest "humanitarian" hats, not only fail to see such an obvious distinction between the sides, but to attribute responsibility despite what the positions rather clearly illustrate.

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