October 3, 2011

Between the Desert and the Sea

Saw the video below at Elder of Ziyon (EoZ), one of the best sites out there.

Besides being laughable, this perfectly illustrates elitist leftists with nothing better to do than show how clueless they are to the issues, safe and far from the front lines.  These particular folks may be from Australia, but are no less representative of many across Europe and the USA.

As I and others have have said, there are finite resources available to help the suffering, and this is what these people choose not only as an issue, but an obsession.

Also courtesy of EoZ and his friends at Google Translate, we learn that, according to a Palestine Times story, Hamas has committed:
  • 4303 terror attacks
  • 61 suicide attacks
  • 24 attempts to capture Israelis
  • 423 bombings
  • 90 sniper attacks
  • 146 ambushes
Not to mention the rockets!

I suspect our friends above cannot conceptualize in their minds, let alone their songs.


  1. Heya Mister,

    Congratulations on the new blog!

    I'll make a point of dropping in.


  2. Hey oldschool....congrats. Isn't that vid bizarre?

  3. Bizarre is an understatement. It's quite telling how removed from reality some are, as they thing they are doing something that matters.

  4. They are taking a vile project, which is the dissolution of the Jewish state, and turning it into something noble.

    This is exactly what soysauce and the rest of that crew does.

    They take something vile and spit it as something sweet, which then gets gobbled up by naive and vicious progressives.

  5. btw, I am adding you to my blogroll.

  6. OK, but it will be slow going until I establish my sea legs.

  7. Just picked you up on the "Daphne Anson" blog

    Thank you for posting this video. I wasn't aware of it or the so-called contest

    I was heavily involved in the Marrickville debacle and still am very involved fighting the BDS there and elsewhere.

  8. Great! Feel free to drop by anytime.

    I am sure you saw the Christmas carols also:


    These people, so far from any risk, are also far removed from reality. Not to mention a bent toward authoritarianism.

    That's how I see it from this vantage.

  9. They've had a couple of their Christmas Carol performances in Sydney recently.

    The one in Perth bombed out on Thursday.. thanks to the State Zionist Council and the Police.

    We have a major performance in Newtown/Marrickville on Thursday

    Yes thanks I saw the videos, I am on their mailing list. One of our most 'dearly beloved' ENEMY WITHIN featured highly on the 3rd one.

    At o.33 you'll see one of the most well know of the 'ENEMY WITHIN' in the country


  10. I have seen enough of these videos that I know there is some rotten stuff down under.

    The more they act, the less support they achieve. That's how I see them. Their own worst enemies.