September 30, 2011

Offense versus Defense

Over at another blog I frequent, the comments turned to why liberal pro-Israel defenders seem constantly on the defensive when it comes to the conflict with the Palestinians.

There are so many great issues in the light of day to show the opposite sides of the coin, yet too many hesitate to use them to shift the presumption that Israel is solely to blame.

Why not they let these anti-Israel "defenders of humanity" defend the shameful conduct of those actors and regimes they align with to demonize Israel and Jews?

Last I saw, the Democratic Party supported Israel and Jewish self-determination.  Sources that expose the opponents should, in theory, be welcomed as they support both Democratic and democratic ideals.  They are not right wing, even if the "defenders of humanity" say so.  These sources should be used without apology or fear of being labeled a hater or Islamophobe, especially by those who seem no less filled with hatred and Judaiophobia, as it emanates from the anti-Israel rhetoric.

Perhaps if the "defenders of humanity" did not pay lip service to these issues in reality, then it would not be necessary for others to do so and break the silence.

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