January 13, 2012

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@ Yet Again President Obama Sides with Israel
A back and forth over the quality of Obama's friendship with Israel, and a reflection of how some deal with criticism. It became quite a slugfest, figuratively speaking, if that's your thing.

Must read post at Elder of Ziyon: Netanyahu Interview

Here is the Elder's post concerning an interview of Benjamin Netanyahu by the Australian.

As I said in a comment:
We get lost at times in seeing the anti-Israel hysteria surrounding us, and lose sight of the support for Israel outside the chamber we occupy.
The subject matter was Iran, the Palestinians, and Israel's standing in the world.

An excerpt:
Netanyahu is actually making a profound point here. Israel is making very big gains in Asia, which an Atlantic-centric Western media and the Arab world both tend to miss. Israel is making significant progress in Asia diplomatically, economically, in all measures of trade and in military-to-military exchanges. And it's not just in Asia that Netanyahu has something positive to talk about: "The same thing is happening in Africa. I'm going there soon, but I just had visits from the leaders of Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. They're concerned with the Islamist tide above them.
"We have excellent relations with many countries of central Europe. They're concerned with the Islamist tide to the south. Canada is like the other Australia, or Australia is like the other Canada, an extraordinary country.
"I would also mention that small, little-known country called the United States of America. The support for Israel in the US has skyrocketed. It has always been high, but it has gone up year by year."
Netanyahu cites a plethora of polls to bolster this claim, and continues: "An overwhelming swath of the American public identifies with Israel because they view it as sharing the same values and ideals as the US.
"So the description of Israel as isolated in the world is not correct."
Please read the whole thing. It left me feeling better, and I hope it will do the same for you!

January 9, 2012

Apartheid in the Middle East

And it isn't in Israel. This StandWithUs video is one of the best on the subject.

So many decry the violation of Palestinian rights, but where is the outcry here? Is it because this occurrence is not at the hands of Israel?

Here's an excellent article on the same subject by Ben Dror Yemini, who appears in the video. It's certainly worth the read, unless it's just Israel who must be the culprit.

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