March 2, 2012

As Israel Apartheid Week occurs...

here in the USA, I thought I'd share this Elder of Ziyon creation.  Thanks for showing the reality so clearly!


  1. Yeah, I considered using some of these "posters," as well.

    The hypocrisy is just so blatant and so obvious and yet gets so lost in progressive-left I-P discourse.

    And, y'know, the thing of it is, School, I am convinced that the great majority of liberals or progressives are not particularly anti-Israel.

    Most of them are smart enough to know what they don't know, but at the same time anti-Zionist and Arab propaganda makes them wonder about Israeli abuses toward the Palestinian people.

    They know nothing of "Pallywood" and they nothing of Jewish history under Arab and Muslim rule and they could hardly care less. I don't blame them for that in the least.

    As I sometimes say, it's not as if I go around worrying about the well-being of the Czech Republic, so why should they worry about they worry about the well-being of Israel?

    The truth, of course, is that we are on our own.

    Obama wants us to trust him that the US will take care of Iranian nukes.

    Do you trust him?

    I think we need to trust in ourselves.

    1. I agree there is much ignorance when it comes to knowledge about the conflict and the attachments and affiliations of the players.

      The environment is so lopsided with one narrative that what is a person to do when it comes to understanding? That these people cannot discern the imbalance is troubling, to say the least.

      It is pretty bad when political correctness applies everywhere and to everyone except Israel and Jews. That double standard is antisemitic by nature. Imagine if the same things people say were said about another group. There would be hysteria. There already is when one tries to point out the injustice and oppression that is occasioned by political Islam against minorities and non-believers. I am tired of being called an Islamophobe because I speak to the reality of what occurs, and I will not stop speaking, even if my Progressive friends cannot tolerate it. Like you, I have received an education these past few years in how empty Progressives often are.

      As for Iran, there are simply no good answers. I do not really trust Obama, but I don't trust his adversaries either.