November 28, 2011

Hangin out and laughin with Hamas

Many believe in J Street. I can only wonder. Especially when I read about one of its board members, a founder, hanging with Hamas. This founder, Kathleen Peratis, reflects much of the J Street constituency in my mind. Her giddy antics were set forth here. One of her hosts said:
“Please tell your friends that Hamas people are ordinary people. We are not barbarians.”
You see, ordinary people rejoice that the gathering of the "Zionists" to Palestine is part of a divine plan, to give Arabs the "honor"of exterminating their "evil," like Hamas MP Yunis al Astal did on Hamas Al Aqsa TV several months ago.

Apparently, it was not the first time Peratis met and fawned over the denizens of Hamas, either.

Another J Street founder, Daniel Levy, concerning Israel, said in October, 2010:
"I believe the way Jewish history was in 1948 excused – for me, it was good enough for me – an act that was wrong."
And months later, at the 2011 J Street Conference, said:
"Maybe, if this collective Jewish presence" -- that is, the Jewish State in the Middle East -- "can only survive by the sword, then Israel really ain't a good idea."
Some argued he meant otherwise. I say the words speak for themselves. By such words and such behavior as meeting with Hamas, it seems these people bend so far to be fair that they enhance, empower and reinforce anti-Israel forces across the spectrum, though virtually none has any inclination to themselves be fair to others who believe differently.

J Street belatedly criticized this last meeting with Hamas by Peratis, after a specific admonition not to do so. One blogger stated:
"But of course, they're not going to kick her off their board or something even though J Street leaders 'shouldn't meet with Hamas.'"
And there, I suppose, is the rub!

(Tip to Doodad.)


  1. I gotta tell ya, School, I have no idea what to do with J Street, but I expect them to fade out over the next few years.

    I think that they mean well, but that they are still in Oslo-mode and have generally swallowed the Palestinian narrative.

    Good post.

  2. With the stuff about their funding, and things like this, perhaps. This does not help them appear as they purport to be.

    I wonder what the J Street supporters have to say about this.

    Oslo mode is now a double standard. Israel must adhere, but the Palestinians, not so much.

    Just a few days ago, Norwegian Foreign Minister Støre said that it is totally unacceptable by Israel to hold back tax revenues that belongs to the Palestinian Authority, pointing that Israel agreed to collect taxes under Oslo and its failure was “water boarding the [Palestinian] economy.”

    Of course, the Palestinians have already breached their obligations under Oslo by going to the United Nations, instead of solving the issue of statehood through negotiations.

    But Støre, like the J Street founder, prefers to meet with Hamas and yuk it up.

  3. Their intentions are probably good but as we know, good intentions pave the road to Hell; especially "good intentions," such as theirs.