November 14, 2011

Finkelstein's Friends and a Challenge

Since I am on the topic of Finkelstein, I saw a MEMRI clip of Hamas TV over at CiF Watch that would warm the cockles of his otherwise cold heart, and a challenge:
I’d really like those who consider themselves anti-racists to respond to the following video (broadcast on the most popular network in Gaza).
And, further, please provide a similar example in Israel, Europe, or the U.S, of anything even resembling such chilling bigotry in their popular media.

I should have updated my earlier entry, but this goes straight to the point of this blog and, as such, deserves it own entry.

There are so many questions and challenges for the Leftist activists.  So many examples where talk and theory disconnect from reality.  Where the raw anti-Israel ideology, a component of their identity, takes over.  It seems they cannot recognize anything beyond.  They love Finkelstein, though solidarity with the above is what he is about.  Which makes me ask myself:  Can people be any more out of touch and less connected to human rights?


  1. One of the many, many taboos among western liberals is in the acknowledgement of widespread anti-Jewish racism among Muslims and Arabs.

    It's at the very heart of the conflict, but must never be discussed.

    In fact, to discuss anti-Jewish racism among Muslims and Arabs is, itself, considered "Islamophobic."

  2. Many of the self-anointed crusaders of the Left cannot see past their own reality. They lack breadth. The Israeli perspective is effectively beyond their frame of reference. They generally think that all people see the world according to their logic.

    They are certainly not liberals, as illustrated by their common ground with so many aggressors and oppressors.

    The crusaders are too occupied propping the Palestinian regimes that oppress the Palestinian people.

    Arab and Muslim hatred of Jews is sickening. Can anyone doubt that this person in the video would hesitate to carry out genocide?

    I try to understand the plight of the crusaders. Not all are intentionally misguided. For some it may just be easier to remain in the cloistered environment where things are so simple. The real world, unvarnished, can be very sad.