November 15, 2013

Comment on ObamaCare Critics and Supporters

NOTE: The following is a comment made in response to an essay about Obama's "fix" to change the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as ObamaCare. It seems the solution may make the health care game more chaotic and expensive. It illustrates yet again the ad hoc way the Administration appears to govern, too often for political reasons. We were promised that such a cynical approach would not be adopted, but it seems to be a norm.

Not a fan of Obama, though demonization of him is not productive, any more than when it is directed at others. Guess that is the price of the internet.

The health system was and is broken. If Obama's way, a cynical political sellout rather than an attempt to fix the matter, is wrongheaded, then how does the country address the matter in a way that addresses the problems of the uninsured and underinsured? Maybe the critics should present the parameters of an alternative plan that would replace the ACA, one where market excesses are taken into consideration, rather than neglected. Perhaps the time has come.

The incompetence crystallized by Obamacare is not new, but it is now apparent. It is a testament to the belief that theories are reality. Ironically, the proponents often have no experience besides living in their theoretical bubbles. Implementation is not important so long as the theory is applied. When the theories pursue "social justice" over knowledge, trouble invariably grows.

Perhaps the chaos often imposed by the theorists is intentional, a deceptive and manipulative means to bring about a "transformation" that many of them seek. That would be even more insidious because of the suffering caused, from which they are largely insulated and will not feel or experience.

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