February 20, 2012

News: Kuwaiti MPs call for ban on construction of churches

This story from arabianbusiness.com illustrates Sharia's prohibition on building new churches or repairing old ones in Muslim lands. Though at times enforcement of these unjust laws has been relaxed, they remain, subject to use and abuse. Fortunately, there are some clearer heads in the country, but Islamists hold 2/3 of Kuwait's Parliament.

This episode shows the irony of a world where the OIC seeks to outlaw criticism of Islam as one of its members discusses the merits to outlaw the practice of religion. The right to be free from insult (there is no such right or freedom) is somehow more protected than the rights to freedom of expression and association, and to practice religion. It is also textbook persecution and discrimination, as Copts in Egypt would affirm. You gotta wonder why it is so hard for some to understand.

There are elements in other societies that are no less hostile than in our own. They get that way without help from us, just as we get there without help from them. There is nothing wrong with seeking to establish minimal universal norms where all are accountable, such as Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. It is good to remember that not everything that takes place is due to Western hegemony and consider that others can also have imperialistic designs.

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